With an architect father and a mother who painted landscapes, Suzanne Ward was raised with a love of both of form and function.

Her degree in theatre from Concordia University led to a career in Set Decoration for film and television. After eight years in the movies, Suzanne went back to school,  studying Interior Design at BCIT.

With over 10 years in the interior design industry, Suzanne uses her skill, talent and her keen aesthetic eye to support a greater philosophy; she believes that each us of have an innate personal style, one that speaks deeply to who we are, and that expressing that style is one of the key ingredients of a good life.

She also believes that while minimalism is fabulous, it is certainly not for everybody.

Suzanne loves to create work that tells a story. Her interiors are sophisticated, yet fun and inviting. They reflect the personal histories and tastes of her clients, but in a way that is both fresh and timeless.

Her photographs invite the viewer to enter the scene just a little more deeply. She infuses storytelling with a keen eye to capturing light and fine compositions.

Suzanne believes in buying art.

“I love spaces that express a mood, or an emotion,” she says, “and I really love the process of helping my clients define that mood for themselves, and then bringing it to life. I strive for a feeling of joy and vitality in my work.”

Suzanne’s sincere desire to inspire her clients, combined with her great sense of humour, enable her to create unique aesthetic experiences while developing strong relationships with her clients.